North Cyprus offers; favorable, extraordinary, enjoyable, mystic, spiritual and peaceful holiday environment for you any season of the year. Cyprus, third biggest island of the Mediterranean is always desired in every period of history for strategic, political, commercial and religious reasons, and does not lose its charm at any time.

Northern Cyprus is in many ways a surprising synthesis between eastern and western cultures; and with its rich multicultural heritage, in every part of the country you will find ancient monuments and sites that belongs to more than 11 thousand years of civilization and history makes the country exceptionally beautiful.

Tourism is one of the leading growth sectors in North Cyprus and all authorities places a high degree of priority to the development of this sector. In line with increasing visitor arrivals, Northern Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation from 5 star luxury hotels to holiday villages. Addition to swimming in crystal water, soaking up the sun 300 days of a year, North Cyprus offers wide range of special tourism products such as bird watching, golfing, turtle watching, diving, historical site visit, nature visits, eco/agro-tourism, walks to endemics, traditional village fests.

It is quite colorful in the night life of Cyprus. There are many entertainment places in Kyrenia, Cyprus. You can go to any one of these places and enjoy the safe entertainment.

Property Selection

When you decide to buy a property in North Cyprus, we have provided some details below to assist you in the purchasing process.


This question is very important to you. If you are planning to settle here, you should act by considering the school education needs of the children or your own needs. Likewise, if you’ve chosen an investment property, college students can be your tenant or you can rent your house to vacationers.

1 – Choose your location

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a location before your property search to save time and money. This is the first step in narrowing down your search, as there are hundreds of features in various fields. To choose the right location, ask yourself these questions:

2 – Define your budget

It is important to set your budget realistically. That way, you can focus on finding a property you’re 100% comfortable with buying. By determining how much money you can deposit as a payment, you can find options that properly meet your financial needs.

3 – Determine the property type

Decide what kind of property you want. There are many options such as apartment, penthouse, villa. You should also make sure that the property you will buy can meet your needs, you should decide how many bedrooms it has and whether its location is suitable for your needs.

4 – Determine the delivery time

You should determine whether the construction phase of the property you will buy is suitable for you. Project-stage properties have many advantages such as low prices and long-term payment plans. Also, the project phase allows your property to go as you planned. Often times, you can choose the materials and colors for your fixtures, including flooring, countertops, and cabinets, according to your taste.

If you buy property from Öz-En İnşaat, we will guide you through the whole process.

Negotiations about price begin during the purchasing process. With it, the purchase conditions are created. Payment plans vary depending on the property purchased. While this price is higher for a near finished property, the price is lower for properties under construction.

As soon as the purchase permit is obtained from the Council of Ministers in Northern Cyprus, the buyer is entitled to register his name with the land registry office as the legal owner of the property in Northern Cyprus. Next, the buyer fills out the necessary title registration forms to appraise the property he has purchased. After this point, taxes begin to be paid. Taxes are calculated according to the evaluation of the Land Registry Office.

6% Title Deed Registration Transfer Fee,
5% VAT,
The stamp fee of 0.5% must be paid at the contract value after signing the contract,
Payments must be made for property infrastructure, which varies from project to project.

The sale process ends after all taxes are paid and the title deed is registered in your name.

Frequently Asked Questions

The official currency of Northern Cyprus has been Turkish Lira since 2005. Symbol: TL (Turkish Lira). Banknotes: 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 TL. Kurus: 1 TL, 50, 25, 10 kr (Kurs). Addition of Euro and Pound payment option in addition to TL.

The official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish.

You can easily reach Northern Cyprus by air and sea. There are flights from Europe and England to Ercan Airport and Larnaca Airport in Southern Cyprus. There are cruises from Turkey to the ports of Famagusta and Kyrenia.

Since Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, the summer is hot and dry; Mediterranean climate is seen, where the winter season is warm and less rainy. The annual average temperature of Northern Cyprus is + 25.0 °C.

You can get detailed information about our real estate portfolio by contacting our company.

For Appointment and Information: You can get information by calling +90 (392) 815 1918.

You can also reach us at e-mail address.

First of all, as the Company, we need to make sure that we convey all the information to you and that you are properly guided. If you have made your decision, it will be transferred to the contract stage.

Our contracts can be prepared mutually with companies and through our lawyers in English, Turkish and Russian languages within 1 hour.

If your time for the contract is limited, it may authorize your Attorney. Your lawyer can follow up on your behalf and complete the transactions with your approval.

After the property to be purchased is selected, between the buyer and the seller; A sales contract is signed, which includes the sales price, payment and details of the property. Foreign nationals are required to obtain a “Real Estate Purchase Permit” from the TRNC State in order to purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus.
This process is completed within 3 – 6 months.

There are world-renowned banks, Turkish banks and local TRNC banks operating through Turkey in Northern Cyprus. ING BANK, Turkey Is Bank, Garanti Bank, TC Ziraat Bank, Faisal Islamic Bank, Turkey Economy Bank, TC Halk Bank, Limassol Turkish Bank, Turkish Bank, Credit West etc. It is possible and safe to transfer money to Northern Cyprus with many other banks. Economically, there is no problem in Northern Cyprus. Many foreigners keep their money in Northern Cyprus banks.

There are three types of the title deeds in Northern Cyprus:
1-TURKISH TITLE – it is the title of land that used to be owned by Turkish Cypriots or foreign nationals before 1974.
2-EXCHANGED TITLE – Before 1974, this land used to be ones by the Greek Cypriot origin people, but was given to the Turkish Cypriots, who had left their land in the South after 1974 in exchange of the equivalent parsels at that time. At the present value in South and North has a big gap in price due to the unrecognized status of the country.
3-TAHSİS TITLE – has been given by the Cyprus government as a reward for success after the war to the TRNC citizens or people from Turkey, who have moved to the country in 1974 to settle down.
These titles are under the guarantee of the TRNC state and the owners have all ownership rights over the real estate.

Our company continues to provide after-sales service as much as it can. Ready-made furniture and white goods packages and prices will be presented to you for the furnishing of your home. In addition, for customers who do not buy ready-made packages, a 1-day shopping tour is offered to the customer by our company during home delivery.